Lower body strength is the most important area for you to be strong as an athlete. All athletic motions are a result of the power that is initially generated by your lower body. Without powerful legs, you will not run fast, jump high, change direction quickly, or be able to stop and land efficiently. As long as you are an athlete, you need to constantly improve your lower body strength. The exercises that are contained in this section are excellent for developing all of the muscles for speed development. The muscles known as the Posterior Chain (hamstrings, glutes and low back) are essential for top speed. The quadriceps, hip flexors and calves are very important in acceleration.


Even though your core and lower body strength may be the most important, upper body (UB) strength is also critical for top performance. Good UB strength assists in your running and jumping ability. Specifically UB strength may help to improve your: hitting, throwing, shooting, serving, spiking, tackling, checking, swimming, or just help you play a more “physical” game. The exercises included in this section are a great start for you to develop UB strength. Notice there is a balance of pushing and pulling exercises. Make sure you train with this balance so you do not develop imbalances in the upper body.